CoVID-19 Treatment Centers - Chicago

Expert Treatment in Our Safe Outpatient Facilities

Treatment for CoVID-19 is just a click away


901 McClintock Drive
Suite 201
Chicago, IL 60527

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    Meet Our Physicians

    Russell Petrak, M.D.
    Robert Fliegelman, D.O.
    Vishnu Chundi, M.D.
    David Hines, M.D.
    Brian Harting, M.D.
    Alice Han, M.D.
    Vishal Didwania, M.D.
    Anjum Owaisi, M.D.
    Nicholas Van Hise, Pharm.D.
    Nathan Skorodin, Pharm.D.​
    The CoVID Treatment Centers provide patients with medical therapies supervised by Metro Infectious Disease Consultants (MIDC) – the largest infectious disease group in the country
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